The Preston Tower, 347 Preston Street

120,000 square foot mixed use office and retail building. The building was awarded the 2007 prestigious Community Design award.

“The recent phase of this mixed-use commercial project – in the heart of “Little Italy” – is the recipient of a “special jury award”, a new category created this year by the jury to recognize the uniqueness of certain projects and contexts. Wide sunny sidewalks with room for outdoor cafés are lined with small retail and restaurant spaces. Interior entry spaces and outdoor landscaped courtyards are used to unite diverse development built over several phases.”

Some of the jury comments:
“What a delightful surprise on Preston Street. The jury separated this entry for recognition because it crosses so many categories and demonstrated a remarkable transformation of a parcel from a suburban office park form into a remarkable mixed-use neighbourhood centre. Employment, housing and retail have been masterfully combined in a very complicated urban design that for users is very simple and legible. The Preston Street frontage is a model for west facing re-urbanization throughout the city. Watch this spot evolve and amplify the life of Preston Street.”

“This project distinguishes itself by being able to successfully urbanise an impossible site.”

“This project provides an excellent example of how to integrate mixed-use with a strong pedestrian environment.”